Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Calamari Employee Control. New area of beacon use

A solution based on beacons was created, which allows companies to supervise issues related to absenteeism, lateness and overtime of employees. The Calamari program is developed by Chrobrus, in partnership with Digital Virgo.

To use Calamari, employees install the appropriate app – Android and iOS – on their work phone. When entering the office beacons „catch” it. Then throughout the day they check if he is in the company, if he left (and for how long). The solution will work for companies with flexible working patterns. Calamari also eliminates the need for plastic employee cards that measure hours worked.

The system has been designed in such a way that it also allows you to plan a vacation. Alternative ways to measure time in service are QR codes. The program also works in full web version.

Calamari shows beacons’ entry into a new utility domain, namely the office space. Until now, beacons have been used mainly in shopping malls, events, or restaurants.

Using Calamari is for the first 14 days for free, then with the version „Leave management” for 10 employees the monthly cost is 30 zł; 25 employees – 100 zł; 500 – 1000 zł. The version „Leave + Clock in/out” costs 90 zloty per month with 10 employees and 3 thousand. at 500.