Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Cyber Marian advertises Gaminate on Giphy. The first campaign of its kind

Unlimited (the gifs were released in June, but have been continuously used by app and social media users, and their reach and popularity is growing over time).

Media used

Gifs in the GIPHY app, from which they can be distributed on Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp.

A natural fit for Gaminate branding in social media user communications. Influencer and product gifs were designed to deliver organic reach and be freely consumed by thousands of users across the most popular social platforms.

GIFs with the image of the influencers and the client’s product are placed on the creator’s profile on the GIPHY platform. From there, thanks to proper optimization for the platform’s algorithm, they can be distributed on Facebook, WhatsApp or Messenger (after typing the appropriate phrase in the integrated search engine). Gifs created in this way can be both used by the brand itself in its own communication, by an influencer on its social media profiles or by users themselves.

One of the first campaigns with the use of gifs Cyber Marian realized for Gaminate – the producer of professional supplements for gamers. GIFs featuring Cyber Marian and products have reached more than 3 million organic views. They are massively used not only by fans of Cyber Marian and Gaminate consumers, but also spontaneously by other users in Facebook comments or Messenger messages.

First sponsored gif created for Gaminate brand has already reached 2.7 million views.

Gifs have been massively present on the Internet for years, but almost no brand treats them as an advertising medium and a good channel of communication . But when we saw millions of views generated by our gifs, we decided to test them as a marketing tool. The best ones currently have over 130 million views each – comments Cyber Marian.