Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Former developers "The Witcher 2" and Infinite Dreams create their mobile game production studio (video)

Jujubee – people from CD Projekt RED and Infinite Dreams – revealed two titles in production for iOS and Android platforms. It will be a racing game „Flashout 3D” and an arcade game „Suspect in Sight!”.

Jujubee is a video game development studio. The company was founded in 2012 in Katowice by former employees of CD Projekt RED („The Witcher 2”), Traveller’s Tales („LEGO Indiana Jones”, „LEGO Batman”) and Infinite Dreams („Let’s Create! Pottery”, „Jelly Defense”) – Arkadiusz Duch, Michał Stępień and Igor Zieliński. Jujubee has just announced that two mobile games „Flashout 3D” and an arcade game „Suspect in Sight!”.

„Flashout 3D” will not only offer a 3D mode, but will also adjust in real-time the displayed graphical effects to the music being played – including that imported by the player. A video teaser of the game can be seen below.

In „Suspect in Sight!” the player assumes the role of Rob – a police officer chasing criminals – moving on board a helicopter. Comic book inserts for this production were drawn by popular in Poland graphic artist Michał „Śledziu” Śledziński. The production is to be released in April this year.

Both titles will be released as „Universal Apps” (the ability to install a purchased game on multiple iOS devices). They will support iCloud and Game Center services and be compatible with the Apple TV set-top box. Both games will also be released for Mac and PC.