Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

How to complete the gaming equipment for a real gamer? – everything you need to know

Computer games have long ago ceased to be just simple, undemanding entertainment. Have turned into a real passion, and even a professional sport. But what is important, in order to be successful in virtual gaming, we need the right equipment. How to find one? What are its characteristics? Don’t wait and find out now!

1. What to look for in a gaming computer?

2. Gaming mouse – wired or wireless?

3. The gaming keyboard is the key to success.

4. Gaming headphones – full participation in the game.

5. What about a gaming laptop??

Over the past few decades, technology has advanced at an incredibly fast pace, and that includes gaming. Just look at the titles released just five years ago to see the huge differences in graphics compared to today’s games. It is hardly surprising, because we are constantly striving for perfection, which in the world of games can be seen perfectly. However, to fully enjoy the graphic effects of the latest productions, we need the right gaming equipment…

Gaming computer – what to look for?

The computer, or the so-called “gaming laptop”. The central processing unit is the absolute basis, from which we should start. However, you should remember to pay attention to several particularly important elements that distinguish gaming computer from standard units. These are:

Processor – nowadays the absolute minimum is a 4-core processor, but even with such a processor we have to be aware that we will not achieve the highest graphics performance;

– Motherboard – another important element after the processor. It is a kind of connector of all components, so it must be compatible with them;

– RAM – or operating memory. Minimum 8GB;

4 – Graphics card – is the key to a satisfying game. It is recommended to choose a model with 4GB memory;

–hard disk – large capacity necessary. It is worth investing in modern SSD models.

Gaming mouse – wired or wireless?

Mouse is a device without which controlling the computer will be much more difficult and gameplay virtually impossible. But the most important thing when it comes to the gaming mouse is its response time. The latency, from pressing the button to reacting, should be as low as possible. This is why many professional gamers believe that gaming mouse it’s only wired hardware. And in a way it is true, especially if we play online games, where even a split second can determine the success or failure. It’s worth noting, however, that technology in this area is also constantly evolving and high-quality wireless mice reduce latency to an almost imperceptible moment.

A gaming keyboard is the key to success

It is hard to imagine a computer without a keyboard. Importantly, however, we cannot underestimate this element either, as gaming keyboard This is another component on which our success may depend. By far the most popular models include membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards and scissor keyboards (used in laptops). The most popular model is the membrane keyboard, which is also relatively cheap. It is characterized by quiet operation, which satisfies people who are particularly sensitive to noise, but it is not able to work as smoothly for a long time as a mechanical keyboard. Interestingly, mechanical devices are the first keyboards to be created, but don’t be discouraged by this. Modern models visually do not deviate from any standards, and if we add to this their incredible durability, they will become an ideal solution for us. But do not forget that they are quite noisy.

Gaming headphones – full participation in the game

If we want to be the best players, we must take care of every detail. This applies especially to sound, which in games can betray a lot – help, but also hinder if we use it incompetently. Not surprisingly gaming headphones They are another element that every gamer pays attention to, wanting to fully transfer to the game. Models worthy of attention are definitely earphones (also caring for our health), in which we have the ability to adjust the volume. But what would headphones be without a microphone?? – After all, most network games are based on cooperation. So let’s choose a model that is resilient to disruption, with a clean and clear message.

But how about a gaming laptop?

However, there is another solution, which more and more often can satisfy even demanding gamers – it is gaming laptop . Until recently it was unthinkable, because the older type of laptops could not match the performance of personal computers. This was done by condensing all the elements in a small space. However, also in this case, technological development is doing its job and modern gaming laptops prove that they meet all gaming requirements. So we can in good conscience head this way as well.