Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Mobile Wings expands into mobile games

For many years Jakub Gert has been actively involved in creating the Polish game market. He gained experience co-creating such projects as NecroVisioN or Afterfall. He has cooperated with many companies from both the gaming and the app industry.

The aim of WingsOfEmpire, which is based in Katowice, is to create advanced 2d and 3d games for mobile platforms. The minimum plan is to achieve revenue of $3.5 million by the end of 2012.

– These are very sceptical assumptions, optimistically we will achieve a revenue higher by about 2 million dollars – says Arkadiusz Haszto, the CEO of Mobile Wings. – This investment has been very thoroughly planned and thought through. Identical to the creation of Mobile Wings. Who would have guessed, apart from me, that the company, which was founded by two enthusiasts a year and a half ago, today will employ almost 40 people, will have completed almost 100 projects in the past year and will have branches in Poland and Europe?. It is undoubtedly a success achieved through hard work and consistency – adds. Together with him, Mobile Wings was co-founded by Bartosz Bartykowski, today the company’s vice president and CIO. technical.

The latest venture of Mobile Wings was the opening of a representative office in Warsaw. Well known model Agnieszka Harla became the director. Plans for this year include tripling the number of applications developed, some of which will be multiplatform projects with budgets exceeding 1 million zlotys.