Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

8 new games from Vivid Games this year

Vivid Games plans to release 8 new titles by the end of this year and diversify revenue. „Neon Blitz” – a game that will go on sale in Q3. 2012 r. – will be the first freemium game.

In addition to „Neon Blitz”, Q3 will see the release of „BMX Jam” available similarly to „Neon Blitz” for iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile devices, and Jon Hare’s original game, „Word Explorer”. A PC version of the retro-hit „Speedball 2 Evolution&#8221 will also be released at the turn of the quarter;.

The last quarter of 2012 will see version of „BMX Jam” for Sony Playstation Portable and another game in freemium model – „Zombie Quarium”. At the end of the year the company’s most important titles will be released – „Real Boxing” for mobile platforms and „BRIGHT” which since the beginning of the year has been produced for the Sony PlayStation Vita console.

Vivid Games has high hopes for these last titles. – „Real Boxing” is a 3D game with a very high profile, with a visual quality that surpasses that of the current best items on mobile platforms – explains Remigiusz KoŇõcielny, head of Vivid Games. The series „Ski Jumping” will also be continued, which with number 13 will be released at the end of the year.