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Jush Frog expands its operations. In November the app for Android

Żabka Jush service accelerates and a week after its launch on iOS devices, it starts operating in more districts of Warsaw. Couriers dressed in green appeared in Ochota, Targówek, Praga North and South and Włochy.

The pilot of the ¯abka Jush service started on October 21, and the Lite e-Commerce startup, operating within the ¯abka Group, is responsible for its launch. Initially two darkstore were launched, covering parts of Śródmieście, Stara Ochota, Wola and Ursynów districts. A week after the launch, three more stores were opened in Warsaw, allowing residents of the following districts to enjoy express shopping “on the spot”: Ochota, Włochy, Targówek, Praga North and South.

– Our goal is to quickly and regularly expand our business. We are constantly developing the service and in the near future we want to cover the whole Warsaw. We listen to the first users and work on further improvements based on their feedback. We believe that the solutions we offer represent a new quality of the market,” says Wojciech Krok, CEO of Lite e-Commerce.

All shopping on Jush

Fifteen minutes. This is how much time passes between placing an order and the arrival of the courier with the purchase. Consumers can choose from more than 1,300 products, known among others from the Żabka store chain. The delivery costs 3,99 PLN, but it is enough that the value of the basket exceeds 35 PLN to get it for free. Order can be placed every day, Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 to 23:00.

– Launching our service is a response to the real needs of consumers who expect not only to get their shopping here and now. In addition to speed of delivery, what matters to them is the quality of the products, which we can guarantee. Our fresh products, such as vegetables and fruits, which come from local suppliers, deserve special attention. Thanks to this, we can be sure that we offer the highest quality. By combining these things, we provide customers with the best experience in instant online delivery, adds Krok.

Poland is one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets. A study conducted for PwC shows that it is expected to grow at an average annual rate of up to 12 percent over the next five years. q-commerce is also an increasingly popular shopping model. In recent months Poles are more and more willing to use this type of services. They appreciate it for speed, wide range of products and convenience.

Do what you want, and Jush will bring the shopping

Thanks to the Jush application, the shopping will be delivered within a quarter of an hour, and customers do not have to leave their homes to get the products they need. They can use the time they save for leisure. That is why the implementation of the new service is accompanied by the Jush campaign, do what you want. Its creators argue that instead of spending your time on all the activities related to going to the store, it is better to spend it on your passions.

– We want to show Poles that there is nothing to stop them from enjoying their shopping in every situation. Our couriers will reach the indicated place even within 15 minutes. Each of us knows that going to the store involves a number of activities that take time. So why not spend it on pleasure or really important things, and leave the shopping to us and our couriers – emphasizes Krok.

Shopping “on demand” with a special promotion

October is traditionally known as the month of savings. That is why Lite e-Commerce, on the occasion of launching Żabka Jush service, has prepared a special promotion for all new users: “Get even 100 PLN”. As part of it, every person who has registered with the app will get a £20 discount on five orders. The value of the basket must exceed 40 PLN. It is worth noting that in this way customers also gain free delivery of. Thanks to the promotion you can save up to 100 PLN. The promotional offer is valid from the 28th January 2012.10 to 10.11.2021 r. until 10:59 pm.

The pilot of the Żabka Jush service was launched on 21 October this year. Initially the Jush application is available for iOS users in AppStore. Will debut on Android devices in November.