Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Apple Pay in Poland from tomorrow. Here you will find all the necessary information

In May 2018, Apple CEO Tim Cook at the financial results conference announced the arrival of Apple Pay in Poland, Norway and Ukraine. I have just talked to the Apple hotline, the unblocking of Apple Pay for Poland will take place tomorrow. It’s unclear at what time. There will be no additional update, there will simply be a service available to us at some point.

In connection with the inauguration, a small guide that is all about this service.

What is Apple Pay and where can you pay?

It’s a service that allows you to easily and securely pay with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and using your Mac. Until now, users of Apple products in Poland did not have the ability to pay for purchases in stores using their phones. With Apple Pay, this is changing. While in the store we simply put the phone to the payment terminal, confirm the payment on the device (e.g. with the help of a fingerprint so called. Touch ID or facial biometrics, the so-called Apple Pay. Face ID available only for iPhone’a X owners) and payment made.

1. You can pay in a stationary store with your iPhone

2. In a stationary store you can also pay with Apple Watch (without confirming the transaction on the iPhone, the watch is enough)

3. When making a payment on a Mac, the transaction will be finalized using the iPhone’a. If you have a MacBook Pro with Touch ID, you will confirm the transaction similar to paying with an iPhone.

4. Apple Pay can also be paid on the Internet in the Safari browser. To do so, you should see a Buy with Apple Pay option or an Apple Pay service button in online stores.

5. It is also possible to transfer money between users who have Apple Pay activated. This is done via iMessage and works on both iPhone and Apple Watch’a. You can also pay this way using Siri, i.e. by giving the assistant the appropriate voice message. So called. Person to Person only works in the US.

6. Apple Pay also allows you to share bills for example while being in a restaurant.

It should be emphasized that Apple Pay does not function as a bank account, nor does it provide payment services, as it does PayPal. We do not have an account with Apple Pay, it is a payment service only. We have to “attach” a supported payment card issued by our home bank to Apple Pay. We won’t be able to use Apple Pay without it.

What conditions must be met to use Apple Pay?

First, You must have a device that is supported. The oldest smartphones from Apple that are on the list of officially supported devices are: iPhone 6 or iPhone SE. When it comes to tablets, these will be: iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad (5. generation), iPad (6. generation) iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. All Apple Watch. When it comes to MacBooks, there are two options: you either have a MacBook Pro with Touch ID or a Mac launched in 2012 or later, provided you have an Apple Watch or an iPhone with Apple Pay enabled.

Condition number 2 you must have a payment card issued by your bank. A list of all banks whose customers can use Apple Pay is available on this website. Until now Polish banks were not on this list. This will change this week.

Another important point – for everything to run smoothly you need to have the latest software version installed (iOS, WatchOS, MacOS respectively).

How to connect a payment card to Apple Pay?

The whole process is simple and does not require much time. Apple has even prepared a 40-second instructional video, discussing step-by-step how to add a card to Apple Pay. You open the Wallet application, click on “plus”, enter the card (scan it or enter the data manually), follow the instructions from your bank and you are done. From this moment we can use Apple Pay.

Another option is to add a card to Apple Pay through a special “Wallet and Apple Pay” section in the Settings app (“add credit/debit card”). Also in Settings we can allow the smartphone to approve payments initiated on the Mac (this option is especially important if we have a Mac without Touch ID).

This is a big change for iPhone owners!

The arrival of Apple Pay can be a big event for many users of Apple products. Many of my friends have expressed a desire to use the iPhone’a, but the insurmountable barrier so far has been the inability to pay with the phone. Now this will change.

All information about Apple Pay is available on the official website.

Detailed instructions for Apple Pay are available on this website.