Tue. May 28th, 2024

Auto-loading the account with Orange – ideal for people who do not have time to remember about the bills

Orange has introduced a top-up service for people who want to use pre-paid phones but sometimes forget to top up their accounts. This is Auto Top Up.

How to top up your Orange account? There are really many methods, so every Orange na kartę user can choose the one that suits them best. However, all traditional ways have a disadvantage – regardless of the choice, you still have to remember to top up your account. What if someone keeps forgetting?

How to top up your Orange account?

The most convenient and most frequently chosen method is to top up via the Internet, via the website.top-ups.orange.en. You just need to go to it, enter your phone number, e-mail address, top-up amount, choose the payment method, make the payment and you can continue to use the phone. Many people top up their account also at an ATM, while shopping or at the petrol station, etc. There are several possibilities. How to top up your Orange account if you regularly forget to do it? It is worth choosing Auto Top-up Orange, which means that you do not have to remember about it. This is a very useful option, especially if someone happens not to be able to contact with others in a situation requiring it.

Orange Auto Top Up

What it is? This is a service, completely free of charge, which will recharge the user’s account by itself every time the need arises, that is, when the balance on the account falls below a predefined level. If you use this option, you do not need to remember to top up at all.

How it works? All you have to do is to choose the face value of the top-up and specify the cat state under which the phone is to be topped up. You have to add a payment card, from which the money is automatically charged. The phone will recharge itself every time, according to the rules set by the user.

Currently you can take advantage of the promotion. If you perform a top-up of min. If you have a credit balance of 30 zł, you will receive a bonus of 30 zł after recharging. This promotion is limited in time and quantity.

Orange auto-recharge is safe because:

– it works all the time (you don’t have to remember about it)

– you can turn it off or change the service conditions at any time

– payment card data can be deleted or edited at any time.

It is also worth emphasizing that the described service is completely free – only the amount of a specific recharge is taken from the card.