Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

EuroCert launches a qualified signature in the cloud version. All you need to sign is a computer and a smartphone

EuroCert launches cloud-based qualified signature ECSigner. Affixing a qualified e-signature is possible from anywhere in the world. Everything is done without a classic card and reader, thanks to a signature placed in the cloud.

The cloud signature by EuroCert is part of the global trend of digitization of subsequent branches of the economy, including the transfer of subsequent services to the cloud. A cloud-based qualified signature provides the same capabilities as a qualified signature on a physical cryptographic card. Thanks to compliance with the EU eIDAS regulation it has the same legal force as a handwritten signature in the circulation of electronic documents. EuroCert is one of the few companies in Poland holding a qualified trust service provider status.

– Customers expect convenient and fast solutions for signing documents remotely. Using ECSigner you can forget about having to carry an extra device with you. A qualified e-signature only takes a few moments – says Łukasz Konikiewicz, CEO of EuroCert. The solution fits into the trend of moving many services to the cloud model, as well as being independent, modern and “digital”. The trust services that Eurocert represents are in the vanguard of these changes along with other most dynamic industries such as. fintech or e-commerce – Łukasz Konikiewicz adds.

Smartphone instead of card and reader

The EuroCert solution allows you to quickly and conveniently create a qualified signature. By placing the signature in the cloud, its owner does not need to carry a reader or other cryptographic device. Once EuroCert has issued a qualified signature and you have signed a contract, you can start using the solution right away. All you need to sign up is a computer/laptop and a smartphone, which displays a one-time access password.

Using the intuitive SecureDoc 2 software.0 or the most popular AdobeReader, the user can electronically sign documents anywhere and anytime within a minute.
A qualified signature is also a trusted digital ID.

Who will benefit?

The cloud signature can benefit individuals, companies from the B2B sector, as well as public administration. What is important, it can be submitted from any place in the world.
Thanks to ECSigner companies operating in the B2B model can sign digital civil-law contracts in a quick and easy way. A qualified signature will also make it easier to participate in tenders, issue invoices or keep employee files. Each of these documents can be digitally signed.

– Process automation is the basis for dynamic development in the era of digitization. Electronic document workflow is becoming a standard. It is one of the basic elements allowing the transition of the company to the paperless model, which aims to reduce or eliminate the use of paper in companies. This translates not only into a reduction of costs associated with not having to print documents, but also reduces the negative impact of corporate activity on the environment. And these are only some of the possibilities offered by ECSigner – comments Łukasz Konikiewicz from EuroCert.

Cloud-based electronic signature is compatible with government services, platforms and applications. ECSigner allows among others to support the ePUAP platform or to contact UODO. Our tool also allows for efficient service of petitioners. Enables instant issuance of official certificates, documents relating to tender proceedings or handling of applications. At the same time we ensure that the cloud signature ECSigner can be used in the same way and for the same purposes as the popular solution of classic qualified signature delivered in the form of a card and a reader – says the president of EuroCert.

A qualified e-signature enables natural persons to e.g. electronic settlement of PIT and CIT, use of electronic medical records or filing of applications for benefits. With an e-signature it is also possible to sign a contract with a company, e.g. for internet access, television or telephone subscription. It also allows to set up a free Trusted Profile or even to apply for documents from the Central Information Retrieval System. Everything in 100 percent. online.

Convenient and fully secure use of qualified electronic signature is possible thanks to legal regulations. A qualified e-signature offered by EuroCert is fully compliant with the EU eIDAS Regulation as well as the Polish Act on Trust and Electronic Identification Services. Thanks to this qualified signature is recognized throughout the European Union and has the same legal force as a handwritten signature.