Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Game "Beast World” in Play initially for free

To start the game you need to send the word „APLIKACJA” to the number 8017 (the cost of the SMS is 0 PLN incl. VAT).

When starting the game, the user gets 150 tokens for free. It can be purchased by sending a text message “BUY” to 7108 (1.23 PLN including VAT). To activate the weekly delivery of tokens, send an SMS with START BW to 60204 (first time you activate your subscription, 200 tokens are free, thereafter 2.46 PLN including VAT every week).

BeastWorld” is a multiplayer mobile game that uses a geolocation mechanism, where the player’s geographic location determines his position in the virtual world of the game. The game is a mobile variation of an RPG.