Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Hortex uses the Hashtag Challenge format. First Polish campaign awarded by TikTok

Increase of brand awareness in the youngest TG segment and involvement of the community around the product.

The Challenge hashtag #zdecydujwduecie was implemented on TikTok as part of the digital campaign of Hortex drinks.

“More juicy or more refreshing?” In the challenge, the answer to this tricky question had to be given in an unusual form. By doing a juicy and refreshing duet with Monika KocioĊ‚ek or a refreshing and juicy duet with Sebastian Kowalczyk, creators cooperating with Hortex. To take part in the competition, all they had to do was repeat their duet to the theme song of the challenge and use the campaign hashtag. The prizes were iPhones XR.

Challenge in contest version was promoted with advertising formats – top view and brand premium (in which the image of the main creators was used). Additionally, the contest was supported by duo publications by a group of influencers.

In just six days, the campaign generated more than 2 500 videos created by TikTok users, which were viewed almost 31 million times and generated almost one million interactions.

It is also worth appreciating that a large group of users showed the product in their duets, even though it was not a condition to participate in the contest.