Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Windows Phone games are evaluated in the Pegi Express process

Pegi is an organization responsible for classifying content in games. Windows Phone games rated through the Pegi Express process now use the same set of age labels as existing console and PC games.

The Pegi Express process has been designed to allow for a very large number of ratings and to shorten the time of classifying games in accordance with the flexibility inherent in the digital distribution model. The process uses a post-release inspection system to verify game classifications. The digital nature of the games allows for easy and immediate adjustments when necessary. Control fees are borne by Windows Phone, which makes it economical for game developers.

Developers will gain access to the Pegi Express tool directly from the Windows Phone platform as part of the application approval process.

In the Pegi Express process, games that do not contain content that may be inappropriate for children of a certain age are classified immediately. Only as the amount and variety of potentially inappropriate content increases, the developer has to answer more verification questions.