Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Mobile games developer – profession in vogue

Polish game developers have more and more problems with hiring new employees. We are looking for all specialties connected with the production of games, from programmers to graphic designers to producers.

Despite good working conditions and a very developing industry, finding the right specialists, especially with experience, is a long and laborious process.

– In my opinion, there are at least 200 unfilled positions in the industry in Poland open in all specialties. Almost every development studio is looking for employees – says Remigiusz Koscielny, President of Vivid Games, specializing in producing games for mobile devices. – During the recently concluded industry trade fair GameDay in Sosnowiec, virtually every speaker ended his speech with an appeal to the audience to apply for jobs.

What this is due to? – In Poland, there are very few or no faculties, private schools or courses for game-dev. Even if there are such lectures, it is rare to conduct them in the model of cooperation with developers. As a result, people graduating from such studies or courses are not properly prepared for work. explains the president of Vivid Games.

A partial solution to the problem is to intensify cooperation between developers and universities. – We got involved and regularly give lectures at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Technical University of Lodz, which has a specialization related to game-dev. Such initiatives are very much needed – emphasizes Koscielny.