Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Dedicated IT solutions: this is what companies need

Using off-the-shelf solutions to manage production or sales or HR data is a good idea, but in many companies standard solutions do not fully fit into the business model. It is necessary to create individual projects which will also satisfy less typical needs.

Software starts on a page

The first stage of creating dedicated IT solutions is always business needs analysis. As specialists in this field write at https://innotion.pl/custom, it all has to start with talking to your employees. Software developed specifically for a single company cannot be limited to the needs of the board of directors or top managers. To be effective, such solutions must meet the needs of all users.

Business analysis allows to determine weak points of currently applied solutions, indicate processes which require special attention or identify areas which are difficult or even impossible to handle with standard tools. This is often the most important stage of creating dedicated IT solutions because inaccurate analysis usually leads to faulty software.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

While some areas of the business do indeed require a customized approach, it is also most often the case that certain aspects are brilliantly handled by software already in use. Dedicated solutions for companies are therefore not always whole multi-threaded systems, but also software that provides its own functions and integrates other programs already present. Very often it can be crucial, for example, to add secure reporting from the smartphone level or to extend the document flow with access for employees from outside the department which usually deals with a given type of documentation.

In creating individual solutions very often systems that already work in the company are taken into account. New software to extend their functions or make their tasks easier. That’s why a technical and business analysis is carried out, in order to clearly define what needs to be done for the company to operate as efficiently as possible: it doesn’t mean at all that you have to get rid of all the solutions used so far.

It takes a lot of knowledge to make it work

Creating dedicated solutions is difficult and requires not only hard work of excellent programmers. The role of analysts who understand different business concepts is huge here. Few companies operate in this industry, and this is mainly because there are few specialists whose business experience, knowledge of the IT market and extensive programming knowledge allow them to perform the most difficult tasks. Companies that can’t settle for basic solutions must trust professionals who specialize in dedicated software. It’s not just a matter of program: in order to avoid corrections and mistakes, it is necessary, first of all, to have a good understanding of the business.