Tue. May 28th, 2024

What is local positioning?

A high position in the search results, increased website traffic and as a result higher sales revenue is the dream of every entrepreneur with a website. Local SEO will help you achieve these results. It is a long-term process with long-term benefits. What is local positioning? And which companies get the most results from it?

What is local positioning?

These are all activities, carried out both within and outside the website, which lead to an increase in the visibility of the website in organic search results for phrases related to a specific region, such as. a city, a neighborhood in a city, or even a street (example: „Positioning Poznań” – the phrase refers to positioning for a specific location, in this case Poznań).

It’s a good way to make your website stand out in the network and gain an advantage over your competition. Local positioning:

– is usually cheaper than classic or long tail positioning;

– helps to close the sale;

– increases the amount of traffic to your website.

Remember also that thanks to the local positioning your company competes with a smaller number of companies, so it is easier to stand out, and once earned the result gives long-term benefits.

Local SEO is most useful for small and medium service businesses, such as. hairdressers, plumbers or car mechanics. It is also often used by cosmetic industries. But this is not the full range of companies for which this way of promotion works. Even for larger businesses with multiple outlets in different cities, local positioning can be a hit , e.g. for catering companies.

Local SEO – where to start?

First of all, from finding key phrases with potential. It will also be necessary to analyze the competitive environment. Next steps are:

– website adaptation for SEO;

– external linking in thematically related websites;

– Filling out your Google My Business card.

All the above steps can be done by yourself, but you have to reckon that they require a lot of commitment, time and knowledge. In case of company marketing activities, it is better to leave this task in the hands of professionals.

Activities on the website

With the change of Google algorithm higher position in the search results began to occupy the sites that are adapted to mobile devices. So in order to rank well for local phrases, make sure that your website is tested for smartphones and tablets.

“Almost half of people using local search use mobile devices to do so”

Content on the website will also need to be changed.

Be sure to include your full location in your contact information. This way Google will know in which area your company provides services. Place local keywords also in the content and headings on the site. Oh, and don’t forget about image descriptions and other meta tags.

Even the “About Us” tab is a great place to sneak in local keywords.

External linking

It is as important as having a proper website. It involves placing links with local phrases on external sites.

– pages with company directories, but such large and proven ones as. Panorama Firm or PKT;

– industry directories, e.g. known doctor.pl or moment.pl;

– industry-specific local forums;

– regional general news sites;

– sites and services thematically related to your business.

When posting on online forums, remember to do it with your head and not spam links like most people do.

Google Moja Firma

The most important step in local positioning of your company. Mainly because having a business card in Google Moja Firma does not require running your own website. So you can regularly gain customers online without spending money on your company website.

However, in order for your business card to be displayed in prominent positions in Google, you need to take care of a few details. Most importantly:

– add your company name, your business profile, and enter your contact information (be sure to specify your exact location on the map);

– add opportunities for different forms of contact and show opening hours;

– post encouraging photos;

– Make sure you get good feedback and respond to it if possible.

The more useful information you place for users, the more chances you have to collect leads and increase sales thanks to this form of promotion. For detailed information on optimizing your Google Moja Firma profile, see the blog post by SEM/SEO Marketing Match agency pt. ” Google My Business Card – how to promote a company in the local market “.

Why local positioning is so important today?

Competition on the internet is getting tougher. It is difficult to get into the top ten of Google for classic phrases, especially for small businesses. Local positioning, besides being cheaper and more effective to do, closes sales much faster.

“76% of people who search locally visit a place within 24 hours, and 1/5 of them buy something”.

Additionally, more and more people are searching for local businesses using a mobile device. Such activities are done not only from home, but also during a trip or outing with friends. Searches often end up with a visit to a stationary establishment and then completing the transaction.

So if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition by running a local business, this is the solution for you.